How long does Cocaine stay in your system?

How long does Cocaine stay in your system?

Published: 04/07/2018

A problem closer to home than you think

A recently published  Guardian Report of drug use across Europe once again highlights the UK as having the highest rates of Cocaine use. For example, 4% of 15 to 34-year-olds report they had used Cocaine in the last 12 months, twice as much as young adults in Ireland and the EU average! We must note as well Cannabis, which has been tried or used by more than a quarter of the European adult population.

Read it here

Back to Cocaine and the most researched question of “How long does Cocaine stay in your system?”

Cocaine purity then and now

Cocaine was historically quite pure and therefore expensive. Dealers started to increase their margin by “cutting” the coke with other white powders whilst at the same time dropping the price. This carried on with street Coke reaching an average of just 10% cocaine. Easy to do when you use Benzocaine (as used in baby teething gels) to give the nasal numbing sensation, adding white caffeine powder to give the brain stimulation, then bulk it up with any white powder whatsoever, even artificial sugar or paracetamol, quite literally anything!

In the past 5 years, this low-quality Coke caused many people to move to other stimulants, so the Coke dealers were losing their trade.
It has been reported that trying to control the importation of cutting agents like the Benzocaine mentioned earlier has had an effect. It may have had a small effect, but if that was correct, why not just focus the efforts on detecting the cocaine itself, then you don’t need the cutting substance?
What sells every time? Quality! So here we have the amount of cocaine in Coke rising and now it is back to levels of more than 50% for “good gear.”

Unique variances for drug detection timescales

The concentration and the amount of Coke taken has a significant effect on how long it can be detected for.  Each person has a different metabolic rate and ability to process different compounds, therefore definite timescales cannot be set, by anyone - no matter how well qualified or their organisation's credentials.

The detectability also depends on what quantity Coke you take; how that person’s body is used to processing the cocaine; if the Coke has been taken with other drugs or alcohol; and finally is the screener as good as the DrugWipe Dual like one the Police in the UK use?

The simple answer to the latter is that DrugWipe will see both the cocaine as consumed and also the body’s processed form, or metabolite, Benzoylecgonine (commonly referred to as BZE). So the correct search should have been “How long does Cocaine and BZE stay in the body?” The truth is no one can say! This guidance sheet may help demonstrate: drug_detection_times

The D.Tec Legally defensible workplace solution

So for those workplace managers wondering why an employee is not 100% and if they are to initiate the workplace screening process, how do they catch them?

Cheap devices are cheap for a reason, and in many, you might as well just not buy them. If the budget is limited, at least spend it on a smaller number of good devices and then you will catch some users and create some deterrent. Remember, you have no support, training or fall back route from the classic webshop. They had your money, the end!

The ideal solution is to talk to a 20 plus year specialist. A company trusted by the Government to supply all the English and Welsh Police forces; by many national bus and truck fleets; airlines and even F1. Let D Tec work out a turnkey solution for the Drug and Alcohol Testing policy, education and a deterrent for your company.

D Tec supplies the UK workplace with a very special DrugWipe, the DrugWipe Dual which in just 5 minutes, samples both saliva for recent consumption, and uniquely, skin which indicates longer-term consumption. The simple fact that the Dual screens in two mediums make it the best on-site detector available worldwide. Remember, we detect not just the cocaine, but also the much longer lasting BZE! The D Tec team is also available to assist in legally defensible confirmation and the disciplinary process.

The government has just released a really interesting study on drug use in the UK detailing just how many people around the UK are affected by drug use.

Among lots of other useful statistics, it details how a staggering 1 in 5 16-24-year-olds have used an illicit drug. 

You can read all the details here

When it comes to drug and alcohol screening in the workplace, the simple and logical answer is to use the best available, D Tec.

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