Who Are We

D.tec International Ltd is the sole UK distributor for the Securetec range of instant readout disposable drug detection products, DrugWipe and DrugID. These are used extensively in the UK, Europe and around the world to detect smugglers and drug dealers for countries police, customs and border patrols. DrugWipe is the global leader for roadside driver drug screening and extensively used for safety-critical employee drug testing.

Drug Screening & Drug Testing

The ability of DrugWipe to detect invisible traces of illegal drugs from any surface, liquid or substance, giving a readout in minutes without the need for an electronic reader, is unique. This simple to use pregnancy test style readout drug testing device makes the DrugWipe an ideal drug screening tool for use in both multi-site operations and single-use situations because of the lack of capital expenditure on readers and printers.

Corporate Drug and Alcohol Screening & Testing

Since creation in 1996, D.tec International has specialised in advice on corporate drug and alcohol testing policies and the implementation of both drug testing and alcohol screening systems into a myriad of different users and marketplaces. These include the corporate drug screening and safety-critical employee drug testing in some of the UK's largest bus, transport and construction companies.

Employee Drug and Alcohol Screening & Testing concurrently in just 5 minutes.

DrugWipe Dual is the ultimate employee drug screen which uniquely screens both saliva for recent drug use, and skin for longer term drug use, perfect for in-house non-invasive screening of safety-critical employees.

Police Drug Driver Screening

DrugWipe is the global leader in roadside driver drug screening, because of its ability to detect the recent consumption of drugs with just a five-second sample and give a visual readout in minutes when used at the suspect's vehicle.

Securetec Detektions Systeme AG

Securetec develops devices for illegal drug detection, explosive detection, hazardous substances, biological warfare agents (CBRN) and numerous diseases carried by the human body for a variety of governments and corporate clients around the globe.

Drug detection - Securetecs best-known device is the DrugWipe system, which was initially developed for German customs for rapid drug detection from the presence of minute invisible traces of illegal drugs by simply wiping the luggage or the hands of passengers.

Securetec has ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 13485:2003 approval.

Enquiries and support

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