Brake team up with D.Tec International

Brake team up with D.Tec International

Published: 26/11/2018

BRAKE, the road safety charity facilitate half a dozen Webinars a year and D.Tec International was chosen to help with the subject of tackling drink and drug driving at work. 

We have sponsored many events and publications with BRAKE over the past 20 years and are proud to continue our assistance, especially when it is our area of expertise.

 Why should you take time to look at this subject again? 

Quite simply, because this is straight from the experts. The webinar has speakers from Merseyside Police and Road safety partnership, independent road safety consultants and D.Tec ourselves. There are featured case studies from D.Tec customer Ocado and Aviva Insurance, who are teaming up with D.Tec as their specialist partner for drink and drug driving.

Take a look at the Video here 

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We have over 300 customers, from SME’s to Plc’s; from construction to logistics, bus and coach to airports and airlines, plus Formula One!

D.Tec provides a simple solution to what is often perceived as a complex problem.

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