Dräger Alcotest 6000 Professional Breathalyser

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The Drager Alcotest 6000 breathalyser is the simplest to operate, yet also one of the most sophisticated workplace breathalysers on the market using a UK police specification sensor with the additional benefit of memory.  Results seen by the 6000 can be written on company paperwork or consent forms just as a cheque, that is in both words and numbers and signed as correct by the employee and the screener.  This has a significant cost saving over the price of the "6820 and printer" and a similar spend would allow more 6000's to be bought and placed on more sites.

The 6000 has many benefits from its 3 principal uses.

The 6000 is capable of passive tests without a mouthpiece;

Then a screening test with the addition of the mouthpiece;

Finally, 20 minutes later, a confirmation test with the result being used for disciplinary meetings and possible termination of employment.

Keeping the breathalyser within the manufacturers recommended 6-month re-calibration makes the readings defendable by the manufacturer in arbitration or a court of law, thereby protecting your company and your management.

Buying from D.tec means we will personally remind the manager in charge of each particular breathalyser to return the 6000 to us for recalibration. The breathalyser will arrive with us the next working day when it will be re-calibrated not just to the wider workplace tolerance but to a tighter police specification tolerance. Your 6000 is returned to you by overnight courier, hence our aim is that you are only without your breathalyser for a market leading time of just 2 working days.

Buy online from the experts at D.tec today, for a product and service you can trust.

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