Cannabis and Schizophrenia

Cannabis and Schizophrenia

Published: 21/03/2019

Repeated or daily use of high strength “skunk” grade cannabis can increase the likelihood of psychotic episodes or schizophrenia by up to 5 times that of someone who doesn’t smoke cannabis.

To put this in perspective, in London, 95% of cannabis smoked is the skunk grade of 14% or more THC and a fifth (21%) of new cases of psychosis might be linked to daily cannabis use, with nearly a third (30%) to high potency cannabis.

People experiencing psychosis lose touch with reality, and may hear voices, see things that are not actually there or have delusional, confused thoughts.

The key thing is that normal old style ‘pot’ was 2 to 3 % active ingredient THC which is psychotic, yet it also contained an equal amount of the anti-psychotic CBD that we hear about for the anti-seizure medication. This balance of the psychotic THC and the anti-psychotic CBD was fine in ‘pot’ but is lost completely with the 10% plus psychotic THC in skunk.

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