Dräger Alcotest 3820 Breathalyser Personal Use

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The Drager Alcotest 3820 "personal use" breathalyser is discrete being the size of an electric razor, simple to operate with just one button, quick to power up and ready to take a reading in under 5 seconds, yet also with German efficiency, quietly one of the most sophisticated breathalysers on the market. A key advantage is using a UK police specification sensor means it is going to be the closest a breathalyser can be without buying a police device.   If you want a breathalyser for testing employees, please see our range of professional devices, the 5820 and 6820 with printer. 

Keeping the breathalyser within the manufacturers recommended 12-month re-calibration makes the readings reliable, however, for high levels of use, choosing the optional 6 month recalibration period will keep it absolutely spot on.

Buying from D.Tec means we will remind you to return the 3820 to us for recalibration, even providing the return label. The breathalyser will arrive with us the next working day, when it will be re-calibrated and your 3820 is returned to you by overnight courier, hence our aim is that you are only without your breathalyser for a market leading time of just 48 hours.

Buy from the experts at D.Tec today, for a product and service you can trust.

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