DrugWipe Dual 5 minutes Saliva & Skin Drug Screener

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Uniquely both a Saliva and a Skin drug screener and in a world-leading 5 minutes. Drug screen on your own site with your own managers to save time and money, then only incur the cost of legally defensible laboratory confirmation following positive screen results.

DrugWipe Dual 5 minutes uniquely combines a sample from both the saliva which shows short-term drug use and also the skin which indicates longer-term drug use, to give similar time scale to that of a urine sample but amazingly without the inconvenience, offence and cost of taking a urine sample.

A simple and very effective on-site drug screen performed in-house by your own managers in just 5 minutes. Positive screens are then backed up by a confirmation sample to an accredited laboratory for a legally defensible result, thereby protecting you and your managers against any unfair dismissal appeals.

The 5 minutes is not just world beating but when held in comparison with an 8-minute test, a company using only 100 tests a year, the reduction from 8 minutes to 5 minutes phenomenally saves the company the cost of 10 man hours.

Buy online from the experts at D.tec today, for a product and service you can trust.

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