D.tec International Round-table 2020 - More Drugs than Drink

D.tec International Round-table 2020 - More Drugs than Drink

Published: 20/07/2020

The following video shares best practice and key messages surrounding the topic of more drugs than drink on our roads from senior industry professionals. Exploring recent statistics on the increase in drug-driving versus drink-driving, the impact this has on road safety, and the significant influence Covid-19 has had on increased drug and alcohol consumption and anxiety levels within the workplace. 

Recent police figures show drug-driving has increased to 3 times that of drink-driving. Working with several forces on detailed performance, we have not only seen individual forces catching more then 2,000 drug-drivers in a single year, but also go on to catch 2 ½ to 3 times more drug-drivers than drink. 

This video considers the influence Covid-19 has had on increased drug and alcohol consumption, specifically focusing on the impact this can have on an individual's mental health. In particular, we discuss how drug and alcohol consumption could be used as a coping strategy to combat anxiety, stress and fatigue brought about by changes in an employee's working patterns. 

This video focuses on the protection offered to a corporation, its directors and senior managers from a robust and active drug and alcohol policy. Key messages are expressed from senior industry professionals.

The following video looks at the significance of random% testing rates when screening employees for drugs and alcohol. It also considers best practice with a focus on deterrence rather than detection within the workforce. 

The final video of the mini series summarises the overall points of discussion which occurred during the round-table, enforcing the message that education is key to successful policy implementation. 

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