Published: 12/11/2018

What is DrugWipe?

An estimated 25,000 motorists in England and Wales now test positive for drug-driving each year, up from less than a thousand in 2014. 


A very special DrugWipe was approved by the Secretary of State for the Home Office as Type Approved for use at the roadside by police in England and Wales since March 2015 and in the hands of our Traffic Police, we are now creating a very credible deter and detect environment.

DrugWipe is a robust rapid and very accurate saliva screening test originally developed for roadside drug testing, hence it is designed for safe transport by car and small enough to fit in any trouser pocket. It encompasses easy, quick and hygienic handling, a low saliva volume for quick sampling and very visible red lines appear to indicate the presence of drugs without the need for a reader. 

The test is also extremely sensitive and in just 5 minutes able to detect invisible traces of illegal drugs from any surface, liquid or substance, for example, Cannabis at a level of 5 ng/ml is a concentration equivalent to a teaspoon of sugar dissolved in an Olympic-size swimming pool.

DrugWipe is as simple to use as a ‘pregnancy test’ making it the ideal drug screening tool for use by police at the roadside or company managers for workplace safety critical employee screening in both large organisations or smaller SME’s.

The compact size, carry in the pocket convenience and relatively low cost of the DrugWipe means that it is an ideal tool for managers to use themselves in their workplace, especially multi-site operations.

A DrugWipe test can return one of two results: 

Negative = the drug was not detected. 

Non-Negative = the drug was detected (we keep the term ‘positive’ for the legally defensible laboratory confirmation result). 

If the DrugWipe returns a non-negative (screening positive) result then a urine sample can then be taken by our contracted Collection Technicians and sent to a fully accredited laboratory for more in-depth gold standard testing. 

In an independent evaluation performed by The Centre for Forensic Research & Education comparing 10 on-site oral fluid devices, DrugWipe was rated # 1. The device was found to perform at 100% accuracy, with zero false positives and zero false negatives.

D.Tec International Ltd. supply all 43 police forces in England and Wales with the high-quality DrugWipe products. They are also the sole distributor in the UK for the innovative DrugWipe Dual workplace testing kit.

In the workplace, the ‘DrugWipe Dual 5 minute’ drug screener uniquely combines a sample from both saliva and a wipe across the skin.

Results from a saliva test show short-term drug use, whilst a test from the skin indicates longer-term drug use. The results from the DrugWipe Dual are very similar to that of a urine sample but without any of the inconvenience or cost. 

This allows businesses to drug screen on their own premises, using their own staff at a time that is convenient. This saves time and money and is a great way to screen employees without the expense and embarrassment of urine testing.

DrugWipe Dual provides a very effective on-site drug screen which can be performed in-house in just 5 minutes. Any non-negative (positive screen) results can then be backed up by contacting our Collection Technicians for a confirmation urine sample to an accredited laboratory for a legally defensible result. 

If you're buying drug testing kits for your business, it's imperative that you have a drug and alcohol policy in place, as well as a legally defensible confirmation system. D.Tec can assist you with both of these things.

Our complete £995.00  "Starter Kit" for both drugs and alcohol will enable your company to implement an effective Drug & Alcohol policy in order to protect the business, it’s Directors and Management, it’s staff and customers.

The comprehensive kit contains

* 5 x DrugWipe Dual 5 minutes with instruction sheets and animated training guide

* 1 x Drager 5820 breathalyser, calibrated for 6 months with 100 x breathalyser tubes

* 1 x Recalibration at 6 months to make a year

* Drug & Alcohol Policy construction worksheet, with a 1/2 hr telephone consultation with D.Tec specialist

Training videos, animations and instruction sheets are all available alongside registration with our recommended 24hr/7 days a week 2hr confirmation collection agency.

D.Tec has several hundred corporate plcs with nationwide multisite operations plus smaller businesses and other entities such as schools and community organisations. We can assess your situation and recommend a policy or amend a current policy and supply and train you on the right screening product. We deliver training to management, provide advice and education for use with staff and employees. We will supply you with the equipment you need to implement pre-employment, random and with cause screening for drugs and alcohol. 

Each of our processes is sustained by confirmation systems that are legally defensible in order to protect the employee from a false result, and the company from any legal issues.

For more information about DrugWipe saliva and skin drug testing kits or Drug and Alcohol Policies please get in touch with our experienced staff.

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