Our Experience

D.tec International Ltd is a very focused supplier or turnkey contractor, specialising in drug and alcohol detection having been active with many corporations and government departments since 1996.

This is what we do very well and we stick to just our specializations.

D.tec supplies all 43 police forces in England and Wales plus all the Services, with the DrugWipe to allow the specialist Roads Policing Officers to screen drivers for drugs under the new Road Traffic Act 1988 s5a offence of driving with over the prescribed limit of a listed drug in their body. Introduced in March 2015, the new legislation plus the availability of DrugWipe and the phenomenal interest and keen application by the traffic police has lead to many thousands of arrests and prosecutions each year. To put it in perspective, a county force could arrest and charge 3 drivers a day!

Our roads are a much safer place with fewer drink and drug drivers. Lives saved!

D.tec has also worked with Government agencies on other areas of drug detection including having developed an evidential standard drug identification kit for Cocaine. A police officer can now search, identify, charge and have in court within hours, anyone with a small quantity of cocaine for personal use. This saves the police and the courts many thousands of pounds every time.

D.tec has several hundred corporate clients plus smaller businesses and other organisations like schools. We assess the operation and recommend the policy or amend the current policy, provide training to management, provide or advise on education for the staff and employees, then provide equipment and hand-hold the implementation of the pre-employment, random and with cause screening for drugs and alcohol. Each of these processes is backed up by confirmation systems that are legally defensible to protect the employee from a false result, and the company from any legal battles with no fee lawyers. To put the customer base into perspective, we screen more than 90% of London Buses, we have customers in national transport and logistics, construction, bus and tram, through to military, F1 and airlines.

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