Drug Testing in the Workplace

Drug Testing in the Workplace

Published: 04/06/2018

This month every police officer in England and Wales will be focussed on making the roads safer, as the Department for Transport launches it’s THINK Drug Driving Campaign.

Most people are familiar with the drink-drive legislation, however, in 2015 the drug driving law was changed to make it easier for the police to catch and convict drivers using drugs. Police vehicles are often now equipped with a DrugWipe and breathalyser, which means that suspected drivers can be tested at the roadside for both drugs and alcohol.

Drug Testing in the workplace is an effective way to keep you and your staff safe. Especially if you are a business that employs drivers and safety-critical staff.

Whilst there is always a focus on safe driving around Christmas time, it is a little-known fact that the summer period actually has more fatalities and seriously injured people through drink driving. This could well be because of the rise in evening drinking in the sunshine and an increase in social events and BBQ’s at the weekend.

There are many different types of drugs and all drugs are processed differently by the body meaning they can be detected for different amounts of time. For example…

How long does cocaine stay in your system?

Cocaine will show in a person’s saliva for 2-6 hours and in their sweat for up to 24 hours. Drugwipe Dual uniquely tests both the saliva and skin, which means that you can test for the presence of drugs over a longer time period.

Depending on the time and day, up to 6% of drivers can be under the influence of recently consumed drugs (EMCDDA 2014). Results from police records show that whilst drink driving is focussed on evenings and weekends, the shocking situation is that drugged drivers are caught 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Drugs impair driving for many hours after consumption and worryingly, some drugs remove a person's inhibitions and sense of risk.

So… How sure are you that your drivers and safety-critical employees are truly fit for work?

What would the cost to your company be if one of your drivers had an accident? It could be a simple collision with no injuries, and ordinarily, the repairs would be covered by the company insurance policy. But not if the police show drink or drugs in the driver’s system, the insurance policy is void! Additionally, the cost to your company if your driver was injured could be huge, the police could also charge and prosecute the driver issuing them with a drink driving ban. There could also be worse consequences if someone was injured or killed including legal proceedings, fines and negative press for your company.

All of these problems can be avoided by taking preventative measures, and Alcohol and Drug testing in the workplace is one way to tackle the issue. D.Tec International supply products using cutting-edge technology to help you do this. We are a Drager accredited service provider and stock a range of breathalysers which are compact and easy to use.

D.Tec is also the leading supplier of the innovative drug testing device Drugwipe.  The subject of drugs and drug use can be a daunting one, especially when it comes to dealing with members of staff. Drugwipe is discreet, compact, portable and very easy to use, which will allow you to swiftly tackle any issues you may have within your company. 

Our products are used up and down the country in both small businesses and national brand PLC’s. Our products and training will allow you to educate your staff, detect and deter any employees that may have an issue with drugs, and show that you are committed to ensuring that your company, employees and members of the public are as safe as possible. 

D.Tec supply the special DrugWipe to every Police Force in England and Wales.

We currently screen in 4/5ths of London buses, 3 of the 4 major national bus companies, and many freight and truck companies. In addition building and construction sites across the country, airlines and even Formula1 currently use our services.

From full-service solutions to easy to implement packages for under £1,000, DtecInternational.com has a solution for you.

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