Talking to kids about drugs

Talking to kids about drugs

Published: 23/10/2018

Have you had a chat with your kids about drugs?

Another perceived tricky situation, with a relatively simple solution.

Addaction have given a few hints and a couple of short videos to help parents with ‘having the chat’ with their children about when, not if, they come in contact with drugs. You are the expert on your children, you can find a solution with a little research, and this link will help.

Open conversation rather than barriers, educate rather than chastise, help if needed, but above all else, address the situation early rather than later because it will happen.

Dtec are experts in sorting this perceived complex problem of drugs and alcohol in the workplace with a relatively simple solution. We help you educate your managers and staff, and help prevent the associated accidents and inefficiencies. With legislation in the workplace, we also help protect you the managers from personal Corporate Manslaughter charges, fines and potential imprisonment. Additionally, our solutions can help your company avoid problems with Health and Safety fines and publicity.

Check out our Complete Starter Kit at under £1,000 up to our custom service for corporations and plc’s and for more information on the DrugWipe Dual please click here

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