Who is using DrugWipe for Drug Testing at the moment?

As with most of our customers since 1996, identities are kept confidential.  If you want references for particular industries, please ask.

Drug driver roadside screening has been underway in Germany since 1996. Also since 2005,  France, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, Iceland, Poland, the Czech Republic and Spain have seen the benefits of using DrugWipe to save lives. Many more countries are in the process of authorising the use of DrugWipe at the roadside.

As for the UK, DrugWipe was Type Approved for Police use in 2014 and we now supply every Police Force in England and Wales and more recently Scotland.  DrugWipe quickly screens suspected drivers and allows Police to collect confirmation blood samples for prosecution.   

Northern Ireland is fully aware of the fantastic results achieved with DrugWipe and will look to legislate at the earliest opportunity.

Customs and Border Patrols around the world use DrugWipe because of its simplicity of use, easy portability and lack of expense in comparison to other more complex methods of detection. The key benefit is the availability to all officers in many places at the same time.

The latest EDIT specification DrugID Cocaine is approved for Police use in personal possession cases and allows arrest, charge and a magistrate court appearance without reference to a laboratory analysis.

Police and Council Licensing Officers use DrugWipe to check premises for conformity to licensing conditions. This gains a greater degree of compliance on all fronts.

Police in the UK have succeeded in obtaining a magistrate’s civil “Closure Order” on a dealer’s premises with the class A drug detection information coming solely from DrugWipe5 with no expensive or delayed laboratory analysis. So a police search and test, in court and obtain the closure order, council evicts the dealer and boards up the premises. All with evidence from £50 worth of DrugWipes.

Certain UK Police forces’ Professional Standards units use DrugWipe covertly to check officers and employees who have raised some suspicions, prior to the formal interview and taking Chain of Custody samples for analysis at the laboratory.

Police forces and many bus, coach and industrial customers in the UK use DrugWipe to provide a rapid but simple and inoffensive screen at the place of work for safety-critical employees. If DrugWipe gives a positive result, then an external contractor is summoned and a confirmation sample taken within two hours. After laboratory analysis and possibly Medical Review, the positive or negative result is declared to an illegal drug or perhaps an illicit use of medicines, even an excessive use of legal medicines. This is important because the person could have still been impaired on painkillers or other prescribed medication.

Schools use DrugWipe to screen pupils. A positive DrugWipe usually levels the playing field and the pupils are then more open to discussing and working with the teaching staff on why they should not be experimenting with drugs.

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