Keep your white van man safe

Keep your white van man safe

Published: 27/07/2018

White van man, true or urban myth?

The white van man has multiplied 20% in the last 10 years now doing nearly 50 billion miles!!

However, because they are in generally newer vehicles with safety features like load levelling and autonomous braking systems, and some drivers are now better trained by their responsible employers, there are thankfully many fewer crashes, down from 15,500 in 2016 to around 13,000 in 2016. Take a look here.

The number of serious injuries and fatalities has also fallen, but 274 deaths dropping to 186 deaths in 2016, many be welcome news but is still 186 too many. Most companies now understand the downside of trial by social media with their vans carrying their corporate logos, and now work harder to try and ensure that their drivers are operating safely on the roads. One of these safety improvements is not the quality of the vehicle, but the fitness to drive. The rapid growth of companies realising they need to run drink and drug screening aids in keeping both employee's and members of the public safe and secure, as well as an improved corporate image, lower insurance costs and fewer disruptions managing collisions, vehicle damage, and the potential loss of an employee or time away from work.

D.Tec can advise national Plc’s to SME’s on policy, education, deterrents and detection. You should read our other articles on workplace safety that discuss protecting yourself personally from a charge under the Corporate Manslaughter etc. Act.

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