Workplace Testing Procedure

D.tec provide simple and effective drug and alcohol testing solutions for the workplace. 

Step 1: Initial Advice

We will start the process by offering you a free consultation with one of our experienced Sales Managers, who will discuss your current drug and alcohol systems and procedures. Following the discussion we will create you a bespoke proposal, built around your specific requirements. 

Step 2: Employee Consultation Period

We will then work with you to amend your current policy or assist you in developing a policy that is fair, robust and unambiguous. Once the policy has been determined, you will initiate a consultation period with your employees (minimum 30 days). 

Step 3: Schedule 'Go Live' Date

During the period of consultation, we will work with you to schedule your 'go live' date and arrange training for your screeners. We have multiple training methods including: face-to-face, digital seminars and an online training portal. Further information on our training methods can be found here. 

Step 4: Employee Education

Whilst your screeners are being trained, we will help you create a drug and alcohol awareness programme and provide you with various educational resources. This is to ensure your employees are aware of the dangers of working under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

Step 5: Implementation Period 

We will be there to handhold you through the 'go live' and subsequent implementation period, providing ongoing support and scheduling of 1-month, 3-month and 6-month reviews. We are also able to provide Management Information if required. 

Enquiries and support

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